Besides all other infertility diagnostics and treatments, such things as Ovulation induction; Ultrasound monitoring for fertility cycles; Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and Male infertility treatments are among our clinic's specialties.
In case your fertility chances are slim, we're gonna help you out! Such services as advanced laparoscopic surgery (resection of fibroids, reversal of tubal ligation), consultative and therapeutic services for women are among our clinic's specialties.
With infertility and endocrinology having such a wide range of services, we focus on In vitro fertilization (IVF); ultrasound-guided embryo transfer and embryo freezing and frozen embryo transfer (ET) among others.
Ensuring that our spermbank on par with frozen eggs dept. are functioning flawlessly is one of our top priorities! Our Fertility Center has the only operational donor egg bank in the U.S. using...
We treat a range of low-fertility or infertility conditions, including but not limited to: STDs; Endometriosis; PCOS; POI; Uterine Fibroids; blocked fallopian tubes; maternal autoimmunity etc...
With our main focus on helping women to get pregnant, after that happens we will be happy to provide you with our pregnant care therapy services, as well as with our advanced miscarriage prevention therapy!